List of 10/10 things #1

Yes, I know. It’s been a long while, as I’d been battling the monsters Writer’s Block, Procrastination, Distraction, and Wandering Aimlessly, so I’d been unable to post for weeks. Thankfully, to come to my rescue, I stumbled upon the latest post from one of my favourite blogs, Scathing Jellyfishin which Stefan, the author, talked about “Tidbits and Interestings”, which is basically the stuff he’s particularly fond of and looking forward to at that time, and asked us if we could maybe do our own “Tidbits and Interestings” post.

I gladly took up the initiative, because I finally had something nice to write about, and I did have some stuff I really liked and wanted to share about, plus, I really look up to Scathing Jellyfish. It took me a painstakingly long time to make this into something readable, but finally, I did it! So, without further ado, here is a list of Awesome Things 🙂

1. Current Projects I’m Up To: Collecting All Sorts of Stuff.
I’ve been collecting stuff ever since I was a kid, influenced by another collector in the house: my mom, and my insatiable thirst for wonderful things. But I only really recognised that streak this year, after reading Keri Smith and taking StrengthsFinder (Input is my #1 strength yo), and I decided to start organising the things I’ve acquired over my stay in Nepal, the Philippines, and the Interweb just a few weeks ago. Here’s a sample of the spoils:

Also, I’ve been making handmade greeting cards with the paper stuff I’ve collected, a project which took the backseat since the earthquake and our Manila trip and trying to adjust back to a normal life, but I’ve taken it up again. See!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Current Article I’m Loving: Tears for Fragile Emanation: a Lenten Reflection, by Makoto Fujimura.

My artist friend and old classmate, Sofia de Aros, shared the link to me this evening, saying it reminded her of me. And after I read everything I was left at a loss for words, as I completely resonated with it and was lost with my deeply moved heart and an unspeakable resolution.

It is one of the articles that speak of deep but simple truths; truths in which we’re able to “…see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour,” as poet William Blake writes, and makes us hold our heads in regret for living the wrong way and then jump up for joy because hope is not lost – in fact, redemption is at our fingertips when we choose to lose our souls for a greater cause, the greatest cause, and in completely laying down our lives, we find it.

Well… I don’t know if this explanation of why I loved this article makes any sense, but I am sure that the article makes the most sense.

3. Current Favourite Book (Fiction): Airman, by Eoin Colfer.

P1140992 - Version 2
“Win a HELICOPTER FLIGHT”. Why did I get this six years too late huhu

Unlike in Colfer’s mainstream series Artemis Fowl, which I found pretentious and confusing, Colfer’s witty, smart, and snarky style really shines through in this standalone, Airman, as it truly deserves.

“If I had a drop of champagne for every heart I’ve broken, I would have had a full magnum by now”, he writes, as the main character Conor Broekhart’s sharp and suave French mentor, Victor Vigny. Wow. 

Can I marry your brain Riley

I also loved his well-grounded and heart-wrenching plot, empathised well with the authentic characters, how the book’s setting and events are just wow; Colfer really wasted no good and choice words for them, and that he gives us lessons in history, science, and psychology too, I guess? in a way it enhances the story. Just brilliant. Oh, you there? Go read this book. Now.

4. Current Favourite Book (Nonfiction): Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.

Recently, my dad’s been pushing me to read more nonfiction books, mostly on leadership and about the lives of people who changed the world. I have to thank him, because by reading nonfiction I’ve now gotten a wider knowledge and worldview, and because Gladwell is gold.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.19.55 PM
It’s the first Gladwell book I’ve really related to, because of the season I’m currently in – which is when I’m wondering what it is I want to become when I grow up and how to be good at what I’ll be :’D

What I like most about it is that it’s kind of like an anthology of real life stories that are fascinating to read, and they range from being intriguing, inspiring, heartening, and even chilling! And while he’s at it, Gladwell throws in lessons we can learn from them in a way that’s stimulating and eye-opening. I closed the book feeling inspired to become an Outlier myself :D!

5. Current Favourite Online Game: The Book of Living Magic.

Usual fare from the whimsical side of the imagination-spectrum of Jonas Kyratzes, a game developer well-known for his unforgettable storytelling style. My heart was warmed by the lazy adventure/story/game being relaxingly amusing, humorously witty, and mildly philosophical, with additions from the snazzy, French-y, shoulder-swaying music by Helen Trevillion, and quaint and pleasant graphics by Jonas’s wife Verena.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.02.38 PM

It was just the right fit for weekends during which I avoid the rain by holing up in a coffee shop with my laptop for company. If it’s your imagination being taken into a delightful adventure that relaxes you, you’ve got to try this game out.

6. Current Songs I’m Listening To: (a lot!!!!!)

Dil Kaagzi (Paper Heart) – Neeti Mohan, Gippi soundtrack

Welcome Home – Radical Face

Symphony – Josh Wilson

Midnight City – M83

Every Giant Will Fall – Rend Collective

Cool Kids – Echosmith (backstory: I first heard this play as the background music of a “school project” video by some of my classmates, in which they ordered at a McDonald’s drive-thru… WITHOUT A CAR. Also hugot song/angstfuel; even homeschooled kids can relate to this xD)

Mind Over Matter – Young the Giant (backstory: The first time I listened to the song was when I downloaded their “In the Open” version, which was acoustic, I think, and didn’t know that THE REAL SONG EXISTED, so when I finally listened to the original track after 4 months of playing that version over and over again, I was MINDBLOWNNNNN. The music video is amazing too, YtG makes the awesomest ones ever :’D)

YAY, that is my list 🙂 Well, gotta catch some zzz’s now, so high-fives to everyone, and go enjoy your week!! And, possibly even catch the Tidbits and Interestings drift and talk about your own currents? I bet they’ll be rad. 😀


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