This Girl is on Fire! (My Ignite 2015 Story)

My whole life was radically changed and dedicated to being on fire for Jesus after attending Ignite 2015, from June 2-4 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila!



First off, what is Ignite? Ignite is a three-day youth leadership conference hosted by Every Nation Campus – or in my words, the RADDEST party ever I’ve attended in the name of Jesus.

Because it had it all: mind-blowing worship concerts, intense and heart-wrenching messages delivered by stunning speakers, electric crowd participation, opportunities to be BFFs with amazing people from a crowd of 14,000 from 1,486 campuses and 36 countries, and last but definitely not the least, the unmistakable presence of the Holy Spirit. All in all, it wouldn’t be enough to say Ignite was an unforgettable experience; Ignite totally changed my life!

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Samantha’s new blog!!!!!

YES. I’ve finally come through with this blog.

Bindaaaaas! Ishaan

After spending ages on picking a theme, writing the ‘About’ page, and groaning about how to write this post, I’ve finally, finally, finally come through with this blog.

So, what’s this blog gonna be about? Yup… It also took me ages figuring out the answer to this question, what with taking up Jeff Goins‘s “Intentional Blogging Challenge” and discovering that I wanted to take blogging seriously. In that challenge, the first step was to find my focus for my blog before I actually made my blog. The main question posed in that first lesson was, “What are you passionate about?” Whoa der. This is yet ANOTHER question that took ages for me to think about, and I still haven’t got a definite answer! You see, I even put up a page of my list of Top 10’s just to show how many things I am very interested in.

And I must say I got a bit obsessed with finding a specific purpose for writing a blog, and also with finding my calling – which I guess isn’t very recommendable at this age, unless you’re Malala Yousafzai, who embodies ‘the struggle you are up against makes you what you are’, or Hiro Hamada, who’s terribly good at his passion.

Malala #passiongoals

But really, I haven’t gone through a huge disaster that radically shaped my life (yet), and I don’t consider myself an expert in anything (yet). Plus, I follow some pretty amazing blogs, which are personal blogs, that don’t really have specific purposes except for being the personal blogs of their authors. For now, I guess I will just keep this blog a personal blog, because I am still busy figuring out my course in life and figuring out who I am 🙂

I hope you’ll be able to bear with me and actually like what I write! Not being a normal kid living an ordinary life brings up some pretty bizarre and interesting experiences, and I sure don’t think and act like kids my age. (But where are the actual kids who think and act how kids should at this age?? Do you know some? No?! I guessed so.)

“But we don’t think like other children, do we, Val? We don’t talk like other children. And above all, we don’t write like other children. […] I see myself as knowing how to insert ideas into the public mind. Haven’t you ever thought of a phrase, Val, a clever thing to say, and said it, then two weeks or a month later you hear some adult saying it to another adult, both of them strangers?”

“I always figured I heard it before and only thought I was making it up.”
“You were wrong. […] Val, we can say the words that everyone else will be saying two weeks later. We can do that. We don’t have to wait until we’re grown up and safely put away in some career.”

-Peter Wiggin to Valentine Wiggin, Ender’s Game, pg. 164

Well, my visions differ from Peter Wiggin’s, but we do both agree on not waiting until we’re grown up. What I’ll be posting about, for now, will be my experiences and some pieces of my perspective, with the goal of expressing myself, so I apologise if some of them don’t make sense and thank you gratefully if you find that some of them do make sense! (Believe me, that’s why I said goodbye to my old blog, because almost all of my posts didn’t make sense, haha. Hopefully, this time, I’ll get better!) 😀

Alrighty then – welcome to my blog! Enjoy your stay.