let’s build a bucket list!!

Big dreams right here. [8 and a half/92]

  1. Go on a Ten Days trip
  2. Grasp a peregrine falcon
  3. Skydive, however hard that may be
  4. Scuba dive with Dad
  5. Hole-in-one (golf/mini golf) :p
  6. Stay up the whole night
  7. See Aurora borealis
  8. Eat five Krispy Kreme donuts straight
  9. Stay in Fully Booked High Street for three hours straight
  10. Sell stuff to people (my greeting cards)
  11. Furnish my own apartment
  12. Climb a tree
  13. Write a book
  14. Go to La Tomatina in Spain
  15. Go to a Comic Con
  16. Bathe with kids at the street on a hot Indian day (hence my blog header)
  17. Get to the end of this bucket list
  18. Get a selfie with Tom Hiddleston
  19. Own a bike
  20. Own a Chevrolet Camaro
  21. Write a song
  22. Go to the Every Nation World Conference abroad
  23. Be friends with people from ALL the countries
  24. Be part of a bandh, protest, and/or rally
  25. Fly in a hot airballoon
  26. Meet The One (HAHAHHAHAHA)
  27. Figure out my college course
  28. Post stories on The Kathmandu Post
  29. See Benedict Cumberbatch and Loo Brealey get married (sighh)
  30. Be in a world record (forgot I already took part in painting the longest painting back in September 5, 2006, my 6th birthday; I made a weird Nemo xD)
  31. Change the government
  32. Be a good violinist
  33. Play guitar like my friends & Ed Sheeran
  34. Get into UP Diliman 😉
  35. Befriend & hang out with Skandar Keynes with Misha Teopengco
  36. Cover an Owl City song with Isaiah Fernandez and Jania Dae Adalia
  37. Meet Malala Yousafzai and become bffs
  38. Finish highschool
  39. Publish a story in Teenz
  40. Start a meme
  41. Have someone write a biography of me
  42. Paint a mural (with ArtLab, preferably)
  43. Ride a newspaper boy’s bike
  44. Add Nepali (kinda) and Hindi to my languages
  45. Bake a cake
  46. Bring 10 friends to watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (just managed 4 people)
  47. Have my own art exhibition before I turn 20
  48. Be in a sleepover away from home (lol I forgot I already had 5)
  49. Have my own stall at The Art Market
  50. Marathon Sherlock with other Sherlockian friends
  51. Reach Level 10 in Kongregate
  52. Spot a tiger in the wild
  53. Mix beats (Club Penguin)
  54. Type a short story into a typewriter
  55. Cross the river Jordan
  56. See peace in a war
  57. Earn my own Starbucks planner
  58. Go to a concert with my TMA classmates and CCF barkada
  59. Work in Immigration
  60. Prophesy
  61. Speak to the 40 teens in Malaysia again
  62. Go on Paul’s missionary journey
  63. Bring a group of Filipino friends around South Asia (yo Kyle, Misha, Anton)
  64. Speak to a crowd with Shane Claiborne/Jason Silva/some cool person as my co-host
  65. Learn how to play the synth
  66. Check all the places on page 1 of ‘Places in the World I want to Visit’
  67. Make a pot with the aid of a potter
  68. White-water raft in Bhote Kusi
  69. Spelunk
  70. Watch the Artemis Fowl movie
  71. Speak in Ignite
  72. Befriend a brave journalist
  73. Meet, start a discussion with, and hug the Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan :3
  74. High-five Shane Claiborne and get his autograph xD
  75. Write with a pseudonym
  76. Have breakfast/lunch/dinner/the whole week & hang out w/ Rend Collective
  77. Shake Adam Young’s hand, thank him, hug him, then say something completely random
  78. Also be Adam Young’s friend
  79. Write a song & hear a stranger sing it
  80. Meet Ella Acuña (my first best friend) again
  81. Share the Gospel
  82. Find my calling
  83. Go to and attend the University of Cambridge
  84. Wear white hair
  85. Own 500 books
  86. Speak to Elevate & Victory Youth
  87. Cuddle a pengling (a baby penguin, a term coined by Benedict Cumberbatch)
  88. Make a Quote Book
  89. Make a Hero Board
  90. Get a new passport (not bc of expiry but because the current one gets too full)
  91. See my brother perform a musical act
  92. Become a certified scuba diver

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